Crime Watch 2014 - Episode 2

Broadcast Network: Mediacorp Channel 5
Broadcast Date:
29 April 2014
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They threatened innocent parties, forcing them to repay loans that they did not borrow. See how the officers from the Unlicensed Moneylending Strikeforce/Criminal Investigation Department sprang into action and clamped down on this Ah Long scam syndicate.


本土味 - 第十集

Jim stars in this episode as the younger version of hawker of the very famous Outram Park Char Kway Teow.


Shit Break Up PPL Do

What would you do when you just break up? We offer you some suggestions!


十字路口 - 第4集

Jim is Jason, a loving boyfriend facing problems with his relationship, marriage and applying for a flat. What will happen?

Short Film

He is Ashamed Of His Dad

This boy never saw his dad as an inspiration until he found out his big secret..


Burger King TV Commercial

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