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I mentioned in my previous blog post I wanted to be casted as a rich, handsome son of a successful entrepreneur who rescues a poor but pretty damsel in distress (prince). Then I kept questioning myself, why is it that I don't get this type of roles but was always offered either mama's boy, angry boy or bad boy roles. It was then I realized: If you want to be casted as a prince, you first have to look like one! (Jim Koh, 2012)

3 Steps to look like A Prince

Most prince you see on TV have good looks with strong jawline. If you're blessed with good looks, then you can skip this step and move on to the next. For the rest of us who aren't that lucky, there're always different ways to improve our primitive facial looks. 

Generally, prince have good skin. So, using good facial care for your skin or having a good dermatologist to maintain your good skin is half the battle won. Also, prince are shaven and properly groomed and have thick eyebrows. All these can be achieved easily without any invasive procedures. For drastic measures, there's always plastic surgery.

The director always have scenes of the male lead going topless in any shows and a good body is a must for all prince-to-be. Training abs can be especially tough if you're soft on food and junk pleasures. Thank God for carbohydrate blockers and other products, you can loose weight easily!

I'm not talking about being friendly and polite to the crew and fans. (Those are really important, though) I'm talking about the charisma, the attitude, the X factor prince have when they first appear in the show. Cool and reserved and only talks at appropriate timing. 

Time no enough

I'm not very close to any of those 3 qualities, yet but I'm going to focus on slimming down for the next 3 months. Hopefully with those carbo pills, gym workout and good diet, I will be able to nail 1/3 of the qualities above.

Time is running out and we're growing old every minute. FIGHTING!!

Till then, I'll still be posting interesting reads on my blog. So, please check me out often!! (If you want to be updated when I update this page, please like my facebook friend page here.)

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  • i want to touch ur abs!!! <3
  • who is the guy in the last photo?
  • i love u