You would have known by now I've graduated after 4 years of education in NUS. This post is a quick summary of how I spent my gruesome years with some fantastic people! And hence, concludes my 20+ years of Singapore education.


Particularly, I want to thank some awesome lecturers who has educated and inspired me! Indeed, you can forget everything your lecturers taught you, but you will never forget good lecturers. (Disclaimer: I still remember what my lecturers taught)

  • Ms Grace Lim (QET lecturer) - You made the lesson come alive through your engaging teaching and I enjoyed every bit of it! 
  • Ms Lim Lay Hoon (Professional Communication lecturer) - Thank you for all the interesting tips you've dished out about group interviews and presentations! I really love your classes!
  • Prof Andrew Ng (Entrepreneurial Marketing lecturer) - Love the seminar style lectures and love your insights about marketing. I learn so much from your personal experience! 
  • Ms Sarah Cheah and Mr Eric Tachibana (Technological Innovation lecturers) - Though your lectures are on a Saturday morning, I love attending them! Thank you for sharing your industrial insights and making the lectures so informative!
  • Prof Ang Swee Hoon (Principle of Marketing lecturer) - Love your slides, love the way you present and made us think during your lectures! Thank you for the many real life examples of great marketing concepts you've shown during lectures too!
  • Ms Lee Wai Ying (Communicating with the academy lecturer) - This is a very heavy module with intensive research and editing of a scientific journal and I almost wanted to give up halfway. Thank you for your patience and kindness. I really learnt alot from your lectures. Now, I'm addicted to editing science papers!
  • Prof Leontine Alkema (Demographic Methods lecturer) - Love your energy in class and sorry if I was always late for your 8am lecture. But you made demographic analysis interesting for me!
  • Dr Jiang Binyan (Probability teaching assistant) - I would never have understood any of my level 3000 statistics modules if you had not agreed to my extensive consultation. I remembered I once saw you everyday in a week, at least 2 hours per session but you patiently, still explained the probability concepts to me. Sorry if some of my questions sound too trivial. But I'm very grateful for your help! Thanks!

And I'm also very blessed to meet very fun friends who made going to school less dreadful..

Maths Aura Gang

I invented this name myself to coin my fellow majors - Andy, Angeline, Weili, Sijie and sometimes James. Love it when we attend lectures together and occasionally being distracted by Angeline's Nintendo DS. Thank you for letting me copy  reference your works. =)

CAC Voices Main Committee 2009

The people in the photo are a group of people who is very special to me. Thank you for making my Friday nights fun with Voices practice. You guys are fun to be with. (Maybe not all of you) Thank you for inspiring me with your passion and standing up for the things you believe in.  

NUS CAC Camp Ex Gang

Known all of you since NUS CAC Camp. Thank you for being so fun and onz and accompanied me for the last year of my NUS after I came back from exchange. You guys are damn fun to hang out with!

Voices 2 - The CAP 5 Gang

Another group of voices people I love but didn't hang out too often with. Maybe because Siowyi is busy studying Medicine somewhere and Zhaoyang was in Imperial College doing his 1 year exchange and Andrew.. I don't know what he's busy with, actually :)

Voices 3 - The attached singles Gang

Another voices group I love to hang out with! Jewel & May - For sabo-ing you two to sing 了不起 and making you girls cry subsequently after the concert. (I still feel bad about it) But really, it was Zhaoyang's idea to ask you two to do the song. And not forgetting Xianyi, my 精武门 dance partner. I still think I dance better :)

TR2201 Project Group - Food Fun Gang

Love the dynamics in our group and we spent 1 whole week during recess week together cooking for other people in school. Miss the wonderful peeps especially my mate from Belgium :)

Tsinghua Gang

Got to know this group of fun, international students while on exchange at Tsinghua University. We were preparing for the school's 100 years anniversary celebration. I'm going to meet you all up when I travel! :)

NOC Beijing Gang

1 whole year of living together with 4 girls + 1 guy at a 3 room apartment at 北京市朝阳区东三环,劲松华腾园5号楼407室 sometimes irritates the hell out of me. But I really miss staying in the apartment with these fun loving people. Love to just sit in the living room and talking to them while watching Glee, Running Man or 喜洋洋 with them!

Moving On

Many people have been asking if I've gotten a job or what are my plans for the near future. Frankly, I'm not sure. I've gotten several job offers from banks and e-commerce companies but I have not accepted any offers. I intend to pursue my interest in acting/ emcee till the end of this year and see how things go. 

Meanwhile, I do remember I have my remaining portion of study loan to clear. Till then, happy graduation to the class of 2012 and I have to book my graduation gown now!


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