A Note To Young Jim

Dearest young Jim,

I know going to NUS doesn't make sense to you, especially the crazy major you are specializing in - Statistics and Applied Probability. I know you will hate Bayes Theorem and Regression Analysis and many other Statistics concepts. I know you are going to breakdown and cry in the middle of the night while you are mugging, thinking you are stupid because you can't seem to understand the theorems taught in class. 

But let me tell you something: 4 years is going pass by very soon. While you are still in school, you should hang out more with the friends because you will not be able to hang out with them as often as all of you want when everyone starts working. 

You also have to learn to be friendly and start conversations with strangers because some of them are going to be your best friends ever! Also, you will learn later in life that this is a very important life skill in the career you are going to embark after you graduate. Start by making friends with the wonderful people from Voices and CAC Camp!

The performing group you will join (CAC Voices) is going to help prepare you to be effectively bilingual. You are going to have so much fun hanging out with the wonderful club members in the club room every Friday night after school to practice. You will also have some opportunities to perform for various events in and outside school. 

You will totally stun everyone during the club's annual mega concert with 罗志祥's dance item - 精武门. You have to remember the excitement of standing in front of a crowd to perform. You have to remember this joy and confidence. Also, take some time to enjoy the process of training for the performance. - It's what makes the performance great.

You will be a full-time actor and emcee after you graduate. However, I have to warn you that doing performing arts as a hobby is totally different from doing it as a full time career. You have to constantly learn from other actors or emcees to improve on your acting and hosting. Maybe if I can, I would love you to humble yourself in front of other emcees and learn from them. 

You will feel the stress because you might not earn as much pay as the classmate who is going to work in an office bound job. You will have sleepless nights memorizing lines and drafting new emcee scripts and always wanting to improve on your performance in acting and hosting. 

You will need to do the radical stuff and never be too tired, inferior or scared to scale new heights. I know you believed in me and I will do my best for your sake and my sake. Whenever you're feeling stressed out over new acting or hosting projects, always remember this quote by your friend.

An Older Jim

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  • hello jin min i am bryan you must "jia you for your career"... dont worry i will support you i am your big fan now...lol

  • Priscillia: Of course I remember you! LOL! Thx & let's jiayou tgt :D

    Grace: :)

    Johnrio: Thx bro :)
  • Hi Jim! Not sure if you rmb me..
    Anyway it's a meaningful post tho!
    Jiayou in your future career, keep moving and persevere!
    I'll see you on tv programs? All the best!!
  • HAHAHA!!! Mr. Koh, you are super funny!!!
  • Read it~ work hard in your master! 4years, what's that! 20yrs of your life just gone by like it just happened yesterday!