What goes around comes around

Have you ever put your heart and soul for the good of an organization or person and one day realized that organization or person don't value or appreciate you as much as you do to them? 

You have invested so much of your effort and energy and prioritize all your time for that organization or person. One fine day, you got slapped on your face and realized what you have been doing was a waste of your time.

When that happens, I guess the best way is to walk away from that organization or person. Learn to invest your time, money and energy elsewhere that gives you higher return of investment in terms of money, appreciate or love. If you can't find that person or organization you can throw your attention to (yet), why not invest the extra time and energy on yourself? Pick up a sports or a new hobby? Or hone your existing skills.

To those organization or person who takes people for granted: What goes around comes around.


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  • i feel you..
  • bro, no pt wasting ur time on them.. ask them go f themselves