How long is it?

Friends tell one another they want to be best friends forever. Boyfriend says he will love his girlfriend forever. Husbands say they will never cheat on their wives and will stay faithful to them forever. And Christians always tell God they will love Him forever.

But, in this changing world where nothing is permanent, is the word forever still applicable? 

If it is, then where are the many best friends forever? Why do many friends not stay in contact after they have graduated from school? Why do boyfriends break up with their girlfriends? Didn't he tell her he'll love her forever? And didn't the couple promised to stick together for better or for worse, in times of riches and poverty, in sickness and in health till death do them part? Then why divorce? And Christians. Didn't many Christians tell God in tears they will never leave Him no matter what? Then why are there so many people who backslide?

So, what does the word forever mean? Forever sounds good with any promises we made. It gives us the assurance that something is going to be there and we can fully depend on that something. But truth is, nothing is forever. When the "forever promise" is broken, it hurts even more.

Hence, why do people still make "forever promises" to one another if they know they can't keep it? I can't promise we'll remain best friends forever for the rest of our lives. I can't be sure if I'll stay in a relationship forever for the rest of my life. I don't think I can be 100% sure that I can and will be holding onto God the remaining days of my life. Because afterall, forever is a very strong word. It not only mean the remaining 70 years++ I have. It also means the eternity after I had passed on. I find it hard to honor such a long commitment.

I begin to ponder what forever means to me. I soon begin to realize that forever is the sincerity of my heart in making that promise. It might be true that I might not be able to keep a great promise (like forever).

But "forever" is that special moment I mustered my courage, speak that word and determined in my heart to want to keep it forever. It is a pure passion and seriousness of meaning what I had promised. What is going to happen next or in future are important, but not the priority. The main thing is my seriousness in wanting to honor my promise. There can only be two options in making a decision. To accept or reject it. When a girl comes and ask whether you want to be with her, there are only two options- To reject or accept her. If you really like her and want to be together with her, the last thing you want to think of is when are you going to break off with her. Forever is a big word and it takes courage to say and to really mean it.  

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