It's December!!

Hey guys!

Thanks for visiting my new site! Its has been years since I last blogged, mostly due to my heavy workload and changing technology - Who blogs nowadays! We tweet and write facebook status isn't it? 

Anyway, this page would be a place for me to pen my thoughts and to practice my English and 话语 to make sure they ain't rusty. Of course, I have to be really disciplined to maintain this space regularly, given my past (bad) records of abandoning my blogs. Let's just hope I'll be faithful to this blog. 

So, as you guys might have figured it out - I'm not using blogger anymore. I've advanced to a better content management system - Joomla. This system gives me more freedom to modify the modules and html settings. Joomla is flexible but learning it from scratch is a total bitch! I'll try to figure her out somemore in the next few days and add more interactives to this site.

I'm currently doing event hostings as well as some film production. Meanwhile, I'm also contemplating of doing some song covers with my squeaky voice. Well see how! Meanwhile, if I go on a hiatus again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! I just found out I can also upload pictures and embed youtube videos to this site! How cool!

I spent the whole of today tweaking this website and have added a few pages. Unfortunately, my contact us form is still down. I know I need to run but I have totally 0 motivation :(

Oh wells, dinner time :B

Yeah, gonna do somemore html! :D

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