Don't you love CNY?

When I was a kid (which was only few years ago), Chinese New Year meant long holiday and meeting cousins and relatives I haven't seen for the whole year. Our practice during CNY:

Chinese New year Eve

Because my father is the oldest child in the family, everyone would come to my house for reunion dinner and my mum would prepare a spread. There are lots of catching up between my father and his siblings and all of us crowd around the steamboat table. However, as the family gets bigger, we gave up crowding and the younger generations (me!) normally just take whatever we want to eat and sit in front of the TV console.

Traditionally, running games such as hide-and-seek or block catching are a MUST after the reunion dinner. I think one of my most memoriable reunion dinner was to lose all my angbaos after a block catching game and my parents scolded me gravely because of my carelessness. Thank God for 公公, he gave me another angbao before he left.

Another memorable Chinese New Year eve I remembered was a family outing after the reunion dinner to Marine Parade (If I didn't remember wrongly) It's some 春到河畔 celebrations with light displays. However, that outing was horrid because of the huge crowd and heavy rain. But nevertheless, it was one New Year I never would forget. 

However, as we get older, we progressed from running games to intellectual card games such as Citadel or Munchkin. No, our family do not gamble probably because most of us are Christians and we do not believe in winning money from our dear family members. 

Every year, we buy new games to play with our cousins until probably last year, when some of us got our driving license and car. It was then when we started driving each other to a nearby malls for arcade games after the card game sessions and midnight supper - Macdonald's Prosperity Burger and Twister Fries! Time really flies and I'm really happy to have awesome cousins and family members like them.

Chinese New Year

On CNY itself, we would go and visit grandma at her house in her Balestier Condo. We normally arrive at her house around 4pm and all of us would have an early dinner and then watch a movie at the shopping mall beside grandma's house. This has been a tradition we have uphold for more than 10 years.

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a festival I loved because of the gatherings and celebrations. Chinese New Year is also magical because almost the whole world (Think China) takes a long Sabbath break from work and focuses only on catching up with family and friends. As I grow older now (and I reiterate, I'm not that old), Chinese New Year to me meant cherishing the beautiful people around me!

CNY in 6 more days!!! Would be working everyday until CNY eve! But I'm definitely positive that this year's CNY would be another best year yet! Wishing everyone who reads this to be in good health, enjoy upward mobility, wonderful relationships and prosperity for the upcoming Dragon Year :D   

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