Flying to Taiwan for Idol Drama

Most of you saw what I posted on my Facebook page this afternoon! I received a call from a casting director from Taiwan and I've been informed I've been casted as the second male lead in a Taiwanese idol drama featuring Rainie Yang and Ethan Ruan!!! OMG!!!!!!

And immediately, I got my flight booked and filming starts in beginning of July!

I saw many of you posted and liked my status but I'm sorry I can't answer and thank each and every post. Many of you also asked for the synopsis of this idol drama. I'm just going to reveal a little bit here. Sorry I couldn't say much due to confidentiality and copyright issues.

Synopsis of Idol Drama

The protagonist of the drama is  陈国宏 (Played by Ethan).  国宏 is a young and career-minded artiste manager of a big artiste management company in Taiwan. He is so successful that practically any celebrities he worked with becomes A-list artiste in the industry quickly.

As a result, many celebrities wanted to be managed by 国宏. Also as equally successful, a female version of 国荣 is 沈舒婷. (Played by Rainie) Because the entertainment industry is highly competitive, a series of tough competition ensues between them. During the annual artiste recruitment drive, both  国宏 and 舒婷 met a newbie,  艾美 (Played by 蝴蝶姐姐) whom both of them thought had the potential to be the next big thing in Asia. In a tussle to sign 艾美 to his team, 国宏 agitates 舒婷 and forces her to sign a celeb wannabe from Guangzhou, 张帅. (Me!)

Many funny episodes of heated exchange of arguments and tricks begin and you realized that Jim is not going to Taiwan and there is no such drama featuring Rainie, Ethan or 蝴蝶姐姐. You also realized that you've been trolled. :):):) ... But you decides to read on...

It's ok, everything will be fine...

So you finally realized you've became a victim of this year's April Fool prank! Congratulations! :):):)

Thank you for being part of this year's trolling session. Before you start getting angsty and begin flooding my Facebook wall with death notes, calm down, breathe in and out deeply and read my past April Fool's trick. You'll realized this year's pretty trivial :)

Past Achievements

2011 - Speed Dating Program

I tricked you into believing I went to Hunnan to take part in a very famous speed dating gameshow on TV. Some of you were apprehensive while others urged me to marry a Chinese bride. Actually, I was just lying on my bed in Beijing, laughing over the funny Facebook comments you've posted.

2010 - Nose Bridge Augmentation Plastic Surgery

This year, I posted a photo of my nose in bandage and announced on the Facebook I've gotten nose bridge augmentation and would soon look like one of the Western celebrities after I recovered. Those closer to me knew I was pulling their legs and played along. So, my sharp nose is au naturel and do not contain any preservatives.

2009 - Got girlfriend pregnant

I called a few friends in the middle of the night and told them my girlfriend is pregnant. First response from them - Why so careless. I have really cool friends, eh? :)

2008 - I'm gay

Officially got into a relationship with a guy and posted photos of me and him together. I think nobody took it seriously.

In Conclusion

I'm really sorry if any of you were offended with my April Fool joke and it wasn't my intention to piss/ disappoint/ anger/ antagonize any of you. And to other people reading this post, please don't be so quick to judge. I'm normally a very serious person. (Kind of) Normally when I do something like this, I would make sure everyone is informed of the truth at the end of the day.

Also, thank you to all those friends who had responded to my post. You made me realized you have been reading my post and life and is genuinely happy for me when I'm happy. Thank you, I really appreciate that <3

So I hope all of you had a good laugh and on a more serious note, all the best for the second quarter of the year.


By the way, ..



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  • i'll be on my guard next year.. but all the best for your acting career bro!
  • I wish it's real, so I can see you on TV! lol
  • omg jim... how could u... hahaha.. Happy April's Fool...
  • i'm not tricked.. hahahaha!
  • tmd wtf?