Jim's Birthday Wishes

I realized this blog post is long overdue. Yeah, n days ago, where n tends to a small positive integer, it was my birthday!! I didn't celebrated my birthday because it falls on the same day as my finals and as many of you know, I was raped by it.

Anyways, my exams are over and am waiting for THE RESULTS on 28th May 2012 - Whether I can finally graduate from school. Meanwhile, I'm busy with a few acting/ emcee assignments and would be going for a few graduation trips soon. I also have to decide whether I want to act or emcee for a longer term but this is a very serious topic and I would start a new post for it.

For now, to the birthday faeries out there reading my entry, please grant my birthday wishes!

The Simple Wishes

I believe there are many other graduates like me who wanted to start out on a creative career but have to face the bread and butter issue. Hopefully I get some job which pays me well enough and I can clear off my debt very soon. (Before the interest kicks in)

Not really a Meteor Garden show. I was looking through my show reel the other day and realized I've been playing many angry roles. Actually, I'd very much wanted to play a rich, handsome son of a successful entrepreneur who rescues a poor but pretty damsel in distress. (Yes, you get my point)

Following the widespread popularity of my friend, VEE's first mesh-up cover of 那些年 x 突然好想你, I'm inspired to do a song cover. Also, I wanted to prove the point I don't croak when I sing.

Doing covers should be relatively easy and fun. Any song requests? :)

Suddenly feel very old and thought I should step out of my comfort zone and explore the world. This way, I would widen my world-view and be more open minded. Leaving next week for my first destination alone. =)

Birthday Presents

Having said that, I'm still grateful to my father and brother for the wonderful birthday presents!


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  • travelling alone is fun
  • i want to hear u go out of tune!
  • can cover these songs:

    1. 海阔天空
    2. 死了都要爱
    3. 世界末日
    4. 绝句