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Disclaimer: This is NOT an April Fool Joke!! (I got many friends asking me that already) I'm having my exams now and will briefly summarize this competition! Social Travel Star

Julius and I took part in a travel hosting competition and he suggested us meeting at the biggest budget hotel chain, Hotel 81, Chinatown to film since he frequents there very often thinks young travellers like us would most probably go budget when we travel.

So, we didn't think too much and met on an evening outside Hotel 81. It didn't occur to us how weird it is for 2 guys to check into a hotel together until we were at the front desk. But luckily, the check in was prompt even though we still invited several curious stares from other guests at the lobby.

We spent 3 hours in the room and if you want to find out what we did in there, check out our video on's Facebook Page!

3 reasons why you should vote for us!

#1. We're the ONLY GUY TEAM!!! Guys, support your brudder! Girls, you need eye candies!

#2. We're adventurous & fun people and we love doing things OUT OF THE BOX! Vote for us as we give you drama, entertainment & most importantly useful bites as we review your rooms!

#3. Jim has brain. Julius has body and looks. Enough said.

How to vote!

Step 1: Visit Facebook Page and click on the "Like" button on top right corner.

Step 2: You'll be redirected to the contestants landing page. Click on my face :)

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "VOTE NOW" button!

FINALLY, the last and most important step! Fill in your particulars and you're done!! Remember to cast your vote for Jim & Julius!! And you can use your matriculation card number, driving license number or passport number to complete the identification number field!


So that's all for now and I'm off to mugging for my final module! Please share this with your friends and ..

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  • i'm already a fan :)
  • hey bro! so happy for u! keep dreaming!
  • omg! jim u have blog!
  • what is with the vomiting rainbow?
  • u guys are so natural and funny!
  • hi! u have my votes!
  • hahaha jim!! nice one!!
  • u all eye candy meh?
  • 从FB上看到你的视频,来到这里!主持的很棒!加油!
  • hi jim! supporting u!
  • i voted! u guys are funny!