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This is my first visit to the Singapore's Night Safari! Below, I have consolidated 10 hacks to explore the Safari for best enjoyment and hopefully this article will help you manage your expectations.

The Singapore Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is ranked #26 must visit attractions by Trip Adviser. The Night Safari is entirely open air and is set in the humid tropical rain forest. It opens everyday from 7.30pm to midnight. Typically, one would need approximately 3 hours to explore the entire Safari by foot and tram.

1. It is not cheap

I’m those type of people who would splurge on holiday trips and attractions but for my experience at the Night Safari, the admission ticket of $39 for an adult is not cheap. Fortunately, there is a 5% discount for all NETS transaction; so do remember to bring your NETS card along.

I didn’t eat anything there because I felt the food is overpriced and not fancy. For the purpose of comparison, a bag of Jack & Jill potato chips which you can get for SGD$1.20 at normal supermarkets retails at SGD$4 there. Hence, you might want to have a good dinner before heading down to the Night Safari.

2. It is clean and comfortable

My 3 hours spent at the Night Safari has been comfortable. Every corner of the Night Safari is clean and the rain forest made the night cooler. Even as someone who sweats a lot, I did not sweat a single bit while walking through the trail.

3. Don’t compare with the wild Safari

Yes, this is the first time I see tigers, lions and other exotic animals so big and upfront. Yet, it falls short of my expectation. Probably because I’ve watched too much discovery channel. I expected giraffes to gallop freely in the vast wilderness, tigers to chase preys for food and danger lurking everywhere.

Instead, all I saw was giraffes standing leisurely beside trees and lions walking around aimlessly in their respectively enclosed areas.

4. It can still get a little scary

The Night Safari is designed in such a way that you don’t really see any cages or barriers that prevents the animals from coming into contact with the visitors. (For better illustration, you need to walk to crocodile enclosure. A low lying bridge is the only barrier that separates you from those reptiles)

So, I have the irrational fear that some dangerous animals might just escape from the enclosures and attack unsuspecting visitors.

5. Perfect for Couples

The walking trails are mostly dark with occasional street lamps lighting the paths. By 9pm, most visitors would have gone home. With nobody near you and you’re in the wild with your loved ones…

6. Take the tram rides after 9pm

Don’t waste time queuing up for the tram rides when you first arrive at the Night Safari. Chances are, you’ll be wasting precious time queuing. Instead, head off for the walking trails first.

If you think you have fully explored the Night Safari via foot, you’re wrong. There are some areas of the Safari that can only be accessed by the tram. Each tram ride takes approximately 40 minutes and you’ll get to see animals moving so close to the tram at some point of the ride. When I was on the tram, there was even an anteater blocking the tram, preventing it from moving. Oh, did I also mention my favourite part of the tram ride was when it goes into the water?

7. Leave your cameras at home

I brought my Canon EOS DSLR camera, hoping to get some good shot. In the end, this is what I have. ISO is already on maximum 6,400. Don't get me wrong, there are spotlights and most of the time, you can see the animals clearly and upclose. However, those lights ain't strong enough for good photos.

By the way, flash from the camera is not allowed because they are harmful to the animals.

8. Creatures Of The Night Performance Show – Daebak

This is a 20 minutes animal extravaganza that is free of charge, featuring hyena, civet cats, snakes and many more. Being a full-time emcee for the past 6 years, I’m impressed with how the host engages the audience and how the animals would suddenly appear from all over the amphitheatre. This is the show filled with surprises and even made a grown man shivers slightly in fear. The amphitheatre is located near the enterance of Night Safari and there are 3 show-times at 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

9. Thumbuakar Performance

I don’t personally like this show but if you’re into muscular men and fire, this is the second complimentary show by Night Safari. Thumbuakar performance is basically about a group of muscular men playing with fire, half naked. There are 3 performance: 6.45pm, 8pm, 9pm happening outside the entrance of Night Safari.

On a side note, I probably need to train for another 2 years to be as big as those guys. 

10. Best Walking Trail – Leopard Trail

To be honest, I got lost and only managed to complete the Leopard Trail and Fishing Cat Trail. But the Leopard trail has one of the best backdrops for the giraffes and elephant enclosures. Also, it is set against the background of Seletar River. It looks majestic and enchanting at night. However, my camera is too cui to capture any nice images. HAHA..

Yeah or Nay

If you’re feeling bored at night and you don’t really feel like clubbing at Clarke Quay or Ann Siang Hills and if you’ve already finished watching all the movies in the cinema like myself, Night Safari offers something different for you. No place in Singapore feels like the Night Safari. Not even the Mandai Zoo or River Safari.

You should at least visit it once.

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