Chir Chir – Korean Chicken

Jim Koh (me), Vivian, Katie, Evalee, Joanne-Marie Sim outside Tian Kee & Co.

You know by now I'm seriously picky with my food. So when my friend, Ivan introduced me to this new shop at Orchard Somerset 313, I thought it's a good idea to try. 

He told me there's long queue and people need to queue up on the average of 1 hour just to try the chicken. However, when we got there around 6.40pm, there were only 5 groups of people in front of us queue. Since I am fabolous and awesome, we are the only group with 2 person, we got priority and only spent 10 minutes of wait. 

The interior of the restaurant is decorated like a farm, with eggs (I hope they are toys) littered everywhere as decoration. The shop plays Kpop music, which is good for someone like me who hasn't been to Korea. 

So we quickly ordered our food and we spent a good 30 minutes waiting for our chicken. While waiting for the chicks, I pretended to be Woverrine and played with this (Which turns out to be really useful for not dirtying my hands). 

As we are waiting, we also saw pretty waitress carrying jars of potion substance and mixing them in front of the customers. It looks fun and I really wanted to order it, but I don't think we can finish the food we have ordered.

When the food is served, it turns out I am right. The portion is damn huge and I can't even.. The spicy chicken is really good and as an Indonesian, Ivan also thought the chicken was too much for him. 

All in all, as a chicken lover and someone who loves spicy stuff, I approve of this stall. The prices are also quite overpriced. If I don't have to queue and I have a group of more than 4 chumps out on dinner, I will definitely go for this no carbs, protein meal. 

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