9 Movies Ideas Insurgent Copied

I watched the first movie, Divergent last year and I loved it. However, the latest installment of the Trilogy - Insurgent falls pale in comparison. Interestingly, if you are a movie buff like myself, you might notice quite a few parts of the Insurgent Movie bear striking resemblance to other blockbuster movies. Here's 9 of them. Let me know if I've missed any!

1. The Setting

The Divergent trilogy is set in a futuristic Chicago where people live in factions according to their personality. There are five factions, namely: Abnegation - The Selfless, Erudite - The Intelligent, Dauntless - The Brave, Amity - The Peaceful, Candor - The Honest. This is very similar to the folks who lived in districts from The Hunger Games.

2. Choosing Your Destiny

Every young adults in Divergent have to choose to be in any of the five factions to hone that personality. To be honest, I would be more excited if they get to choose from any of the elements from The Last AirBlender, or choose a Pokemon and breed them.

3. The protagonist


The male protagonist, Tris Prior's boyfriend calls himself Four. Not sure if he is a fan of the movie I am number Four too. On a side note, I have 4 pecs now! #sgfitness #hardwork #fitnessfirstSG #trainhard #eatclean #sgphysique

4. The Recycled Actors

You should know by now the Shailene Woodley is the lead for both Movies - Insurgent and The Faults In Our Stars. With her hair chopped to the length of Stars, it's weird reconciling the fact that her co-star, Ansel Elgort, is her brother for Insurgent and lover in the latter movie.

5. Powerful Weapon Falls In Wrong Hand

In the Insurgent Movie, we are introduced to the Founder's Box which falls into the hand of the antagonist, Jeanine (Kate Winslet). The Chosen One has to seize it and encode the hidden message behind the Tesseract Founder's Box. 

6. Tris Prior Connected to Computer

While trying to open the Founder's Box, Tris Prior is plugged into a computer via needles. Doesn't this sound like a movie we watched long time ago?

7. Tris Prior in her dreams

When connected to the computer, Tris enters a virtual world created by the Founder's Box. The box brings her through different dreams whilst unlocking one lock when she passes a challenge in that dream. Hmm.. Layers of dreams.. Can someone call Leonardo?

8. Organism Taking Over Humans

When Jeanine sent her troops to Candor to hunt for Divergent, she made her troops inject an organism into the people from Candor such that the organism takes over the body of the host. The organism will destroy the host when forcefully removed. This is exactly the same way those aliens work in the movie - The Host.

In one scene, to force Tris to surrender herself to her, Jeanine tried to manipulate her guilt by making the host commit suicide one by one till the former relents.

9. This Is An Experiment

At the end of the movie, it was revealed that the community the people were living in was a test ground and the people are test subjects for a social experiment. WTF?! This is Maze Runner!!

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  • can't stop laughing.. LOL!
  • now i know i am not the only one who thinks this movie feels like hunger games..
  • its maze runner without the Griever.. maybe they're going to find Grievers in the next movie as they go outside the fence
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