Why Big Hero 6 is better than Frozen

Big Hero 6 Synopsis

The story follows the life of a 14 year old robotic genius, Hiro and his elder brother, Tadashi in the city of San Fransokyo. After many years of hard work, Tadashi finally succeeds in inventing Baymax, a personal health care robot. However, there is a devastating turn of events which throws Hiro into the middle of a dangerous plot. Will Hiro and his friends overcome this crisis?

Still not very turn on to watch the movie? Here are 8 reasons why this year's Big Hero 6 is so much better than last year's Frozen.

1. Frozen Is Gay

Frozen is gay because it's all about broadway singing, cliche romantic storyline and too much girl power. However, Big Hero 6 is an action pack movie that talks about technology, dealing with death of loved one, friendship and many more!

2. Hiro had a much sadder childhood than Anna

One of the reasons why Frozen is so popular is because it's the first Disney movie that explored on the subject of death - The death of Anna's parents.  Big Hero 6 takes this concept of a broken childhood one step further by first establishing Hiro's parents had already passed on when he was a kid and then subsequently killing his most beloved and only family member.

+100 sympathy points for Hiro!

3. Baymax is 100 times squishier than Olaf

While we love Olaf the Snowman alot because of his looks and the way he talks, Baymax tugs our heart more because we know Baymax is the only gift Hiro's brother has left him.

As guys, we also want to have a bro like Baymax who would give us a bro hug when we are down and a fist bump when we're happy!

4. We all know Prince Han is the villain from the start 

It's illogical a Prince would fall for a woman he meets on the streets and wants to marry her immediately. Either he is super stupid and horny or he is a bad guy. Given this is a Disney movie, we know Prince Han is the latter. In short, any discerning bros would know Prince Han of the Southern Isles is the antagonist at start of the movie.

However for Big Hero 6, because the villain is wearing a mask (literally) throughout the movie, we only know who the real villain is towards the end of the movie and yes, it is unexpected.

5. There are more Super heros in Big Hero 6 than Frozen

Let's face it. Since young, we are inspired by Superheros from movies and we want to be like them. In Frozen, Elsa is the only character empowered with special powers. However, in Big Hero 6, you will see all the supporting characters are empowered with a special ability!

6. Big Hero 6 embodies a wider definition of Family than Frozen

In Frozen, we learn that Family are people related by blood. This is why Anna shielded Elsa from Prince Han's sword and Elsa saved Anna's from becoming an ice block. However in Big Hero 6, we learn that family are people who stand up for you, love you, defend you, fight for you and take care of you till you're strong enough to stand up on your feet again, even if you are not related by blood.

7. Baymax cracks better jokes than Olaf

A 6 year old looking boy and his dad were sitting beside me while I was watching Big Hero 6. Suddenly, Baymax started diagnosing Hiro with a medical condition called puberty. When he said that, this 6 year old looking boy beside me started asking his dad what puberty is.

I choked on my popcorn as I hear the dad stammering at his answer.

8. No Soundtrack from Big Hero 6

I know it has been 1 year of endless replays of Frozen's soundtrack - Let It Go and the kids are still singing to this song! This year, there's no soundtrack from Big Hero 6. Meaning, you will not see kids dressed up as Elsa and singing Let It Go on repeat.

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