5 Life Lessons from Doraemon Movie

My Childhood is Complete

Kids who grew up in the 80s or 90s would agree that Doraemon is part of our childhood. We grow up watching the endearing friendship of Nobita and Doraemon and how the latter would bring out interesting gadgets to save the day. This movie, said to be the last story of Nobita and Doraemon puts a beautiful end to the 1,787 anime episodes of our wonderful childhood.

Stand By Me Doraemon - The Movie

It's been 2 hours after watching the movie and I'm still feeling a tinge of sadness.

I'm sad not because this 45 years old franchise is coming to an end, but the starking life lessons I learnt from this 90 minutes 3D animated movie.

Lesson 1: Friends come and go

As we grow older, we tend to lose contact with friends we used to hang out often. We grow up and have different priorities in life. Sometimes when we look back, we smile at the times we do silly things together. Sometimes, we try to organize outings to catch up and we know it's almost impossible to get everyone in the clique to attend due to our commitments. 

Learn to cherish every moment you have with your friends because you're not going to be in the same school or workplace forever.

Lesson 2: There is a time our childhood ends

It's nice to be a child - We basically get what we want without caring about the consequences. Whenever we want something, we just have to ask your parents for it. Just like Nobita, all a child needs to do is to cry for help and help magically appears.

However, similar to the movie, there will come a point in our life when we can no longer depend on that help anymore and we have to learn to believe in ourselves. We then start to question ourselves whether we can complete the task without any help. The more we succeed in completing a task without help, the further we are from our childhood.

Lesson 3: It's hard to say goodbye


Towards the end of the movie, Doraemon has to leave Nobita for good. Naturally, the duo finds it hard to say goodbye to one another. 

As with life, it's always hard to say goodbye, especially with the people we love. However, once we accept the fact that everything in this lifetime is transient, we will stop feeling that depressed when we lose that someone or something special.

We start to really cherish every remaining moment.

Lesson 4: Missing someone hurts like hell


There was this scene after Doraemon has left for good, Nobita was in his room alone and he felt the room was suddenly so big. He said he is not used to a life without Doraemon.

Likewise, when someone disappears from our life, a large part of ourselves hurt so bad. We desperately want them to be by our side, doing things we used to do. We know this is impossible. This hopelessness hurts so bad its ripping us apart.

However, Nobita also said in the movie: "We will get used to it, in time."

Lesson 5: Our future is in our hands

Nobita started as a slow learner and underachiever in the beginning of the movie just like how some of us are under privileged in life. Nobita started working hard and after many trial and error, managed to succeed in life and marry his childhood sweetheart, Shizuka.

We learn we have the ability to break free from the limitations we are facing currently.

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