Why Seventh Son (2015) sucked

What This Movie Is About:

An old demon slayer, Gregory travels the world to look for Calvin Klein model material to be his apprentice. After his last toy boy was killed by his arch nemesis, Mother Malkin, the Queen Witch (Played by Julianne Moore), he sets off to look for another good looking guy to help me slay Mother Malkin.

Finally, after much tussle, he bought a boy, Thomas and made him his apprentice.

While traveling to kill the Queen Witch, the duo slayed different demons and Thomas had sex fully clothed with a girl who was bathing in the river at night. Anyhow, they managed to find the Queen Witch and her minion and killed her without much resistance.

Why is this movie named Seventh Son? I don't know.

Why does it suck? Here are 6 reasons:

1. Bad Character Development

All the characters are under developed. We get to hear the back story of Queen Witch and Gregory but nothing was done to build onto the relationship of these characters. It's weird to also see Thomas suddenly transiting from a boy who feeds swine to a super hero without any build up.

2. The Plot Is Bad & You Should Feel Bad

Scroll up and read the synopsis. For the record, the movie was so predictable and boring, I checked Facebook 10 times at least throughout the movie.

3. Julianne Moore looks silly in the movie #badcasting

I love Julianne Moore and thinks she is a terrific actress and this movie did not do her justice. Aside from turning into a skeletal big bird and killing everyone, there's nothing else Queen Witch did that spooks people. In the final battle, (which is supposed to be epic) she died after she was hit by a small dagger. WTF

4. All You Need Is Within You

In the scene before Thomas leaves his mother to be an apprentice, his mother gave him a word of advice: "All you need is within you". This is supposed to be a revelation for probably the final, epic battle scene. Disappointingly, this sentence was a touch-and-go.

5. Not sure if necklace is really powerful

The movie shows it was Thomas' mother who hands him the necklace and he was wearing it since the beginning of his apprenticeship. Due to unknown reasons, even though he was equipped with the necklace, he finds it extremely difficult to deal with the low level demons. 

However, due to some unknown reasons (again), in the final (supposedly epic) battle scene, Thomas simply picks the necklace on the floor, wears it like before and this time, turns into a killing machine. 

6. Fight between Thomas' Mum & Queen Witch could be more epic

Halfway into the movie, Queen Witch and her minions wrecked havoc in the hometown of Thomas. His mother, who is also a witch stood up to defend the city. However, she was poked to death (literally) without any resistance. I thought it would have been much cooler if the mother could have some special power and put up an epic battle before dying.


Despite the movie turning out nothing like the trailer, there are some redeeming factors. Here are 3 of them! 

1. The main cast are good looking

Let's face it. We like pretty faces. Even though the plot is really bad, looking at these gorgeous people makes the film less painful to watch.

2. Computer animation was impressive

It's in my opinion Hollywood standard. In my Hollywood standard, I mean the movie is on par with mega budget movies like Harry Potter and Transformer. Good job to the bankrupt visual effects house Rhythm and Hues Studios for the terrific animation!

3. Set & Props were impressive

From majestic snowy mountain backdrop to ruin city, the arts department of this movie has done an amazing job!

Despite the effort, unfortunately due to a bad plot, most of the movie goers in the cinema earlier were like:

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