Facility Link CNY Dinner 2014

Venue: Warren Country Club

Emcee Jim Koh was invited to be part of the celebrations for Facility Link for the second year running!

This year, the guest gets to go onto the stage for a game involving post-it pads and beer drinking competition. The ties of the employees can be seen from the strong support they presented to one another during the games!

Editor: Huiting

CNC General Contractors CNY Dinner 2014

Venue: Safra Jurong, Joy Garden

It is double happiness for CNC General Contractors. For one, it’s Chinese New Year. Two, the company had a bountiful year! So there can only be one outcome when it comes to the company’s CNY Dinner – PARTYYYYY!

Knowing that many of the guests enjoy dancing, the management has carefully selected a Michael Jackson impersonator to bring back the 80s beat-it vibe during this Chinese New Year.

Not to be outdone, Emcee Jim Koh also invited the guests to join him on the stage for some dance inspired games. And to his surprise, the guests were very proactive in taking party and the aftermath – Everyone left the stage with a good sweat!


Editor: Huiting