Hougang Capeview HDB Welcome Party

Venue: Hougang Capeview

The residents of Hougang Capeview were welcomed to their new house with this Welcome Party organized by the Housing & Development Board. The program for that day caters to mainly young families. As such, there are drama skits, handicraft workshops.

Kids also get to walk away with a balloon sculpture of their own choice! Emcee Jim Koh also doubled the fun for them by playing games with them! It was an afternoon of friendship, fun and food!

Editor: Long Huai

NK Hairworks Glamorous Night 2017

Jim Koh Hosting NK Hairworks DND 2017

Venue: Marina Mandarin

It was a challenge when Emcee Jim Koh was invited back to host the annual dinner for NK Group for the 6th consecutive year. Not only does he has to think of new ideas to excite the crowd; the nature of the guests are also naturally creative.

Thankfully,  this also meant the guests are supportive in nature and it didn’t take long before the guests were singing and dancing as one!

Thank you to Irene for the kind invite! It really felt like a family reunion year after year!

Editor: Long Huai

KL Group Chinese New Year Dinner

Venue: Safra Jurong, Joy Garden

KL Group celebrated Chinese New Year this year with a sumptuous 8 course meal at Joy Garden and the employees and partners turn up in full force for the occassion.

Emcee Jim Koh was invited to host the inaugural company dinner and  he connected very well with the Chinese guests with his proficiency in Mandarin.

The guests were first warmed up with a Chinese New Year themed ice-breaker before breaking into groups for Lohei. Non Chinese guests also had fun tossing the food, in the spirit of good luck and prosperity.

Besides high energy games which requires the 350 strong crowd to participate, there were also mesmerizing performers put up by professionals.

And Emcee Jim Koh ended the night with a memorable mass dance!

Editor: Hui Ting