Golden Mint HDB Welcome Party

Venue: Golden Mint

Emcee Jim Koh was invited to welcome the as the move into their new homes in Golden Mint. Grassroots adviser, Mr. Gan Thiam Poh also visited the event to welcome to residents!

As most of those present were elderly folks, the program segment had to be adjusted on the spot. This is also the first time all the residents were singing and dancing along as the musicians perform for them.

Editor: Long Huai

Hougang Capeview HDB Welcome Party

Venue: Hougang Capeview

The residents of Hougang Capeview were welcomed to their new house with this Welcome Party organized by the Housing & Development Board. The program for that day caters to mainly young families. As such, there are drama skits, handicraft workshops.

Kids also get to walk away with a balloon sculpture of their own choice! Emcee Jim Koh also doubled the fun for them by playing games with them! It was an afternoon of friendship, fun and food!

Editor: Long Huai