This hipster Muzen Audio OTR radio will make you fall in love with radio again

Do you remember there was a time before the internet when you would religiously tune in to the radio?

It seems like with the introduction of the internet (and the whole plethora of entertainment that comes with it), radio listener-ship seemed to be dwindling.

But there is this company that was to bring the good old times back.

The Crazy Story of Muzen Audio

Let’s start with the founder – Zeng Dejun.

Ever since his first encounter with radio at the young age of seven, he has vow to create his dream radio set. He put his dreams into action by first working as a radio repairman before and after enlisting to the army. Subsequently, for years, he tried to build radio through trial and error. In 2015, Muzen Original radio was founded through crowdfunding. And Mr. Zeng’s effort led to the creation of a meticulously handcrafted radio with crystal-clear sound.

They have also been organizing “Radio Renaissance” in exotic places. This was a 24 hour marathon radio broadcast, comprising of top radio presenters from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA and the UK. The last radio renaissance was listened by an average of 3 million people throughout!

Muzen On The Road Radio (Muzen OTR)

Muzen OTR is designed to be portable! It is also equipped with FM reception, bluetooth, AUX inputs and have around 10 hours of battery life!

The Muzen OTR will be making its premiere at the upcoming IT SHOW 2019 from 7th to 10th March 2019 at the Singapore Suntec Convention Centre, Level 6! (Booth Number: 6215!)

Muzen OTR Wood: S$129
Muzen OTR Metal: S$139

Editor: Tommy