MCYC Foster Parents Awareness Exhibition

Venue: Outside Westgate

It was a very meaningful one week long exhibition outside Westgate. This time round, MCYC Community Services launched its foster parents campaign, hoping to demystify some falsehoods about foster care.

The roadshow had exhibition panels about how the lives of children are transformed because of the love from their foster parents. Some of the members of the public were so touched that they started tearing while reading the excerpt from the exhibition panel.

Emcee Jim Koh engaged the members of the public with snippets of info bites and played games with them. There were also complimentary balloon services and pop-corn for the young who visits!

To find out more about foster care in Singapore, visit MCYC website!

Editor: Long Huai

KL Logistics Casino Royale Dinner and Dance

Venue: Concorde Hotel

The guests for the KL Logistics Casino Royale DND had a chance to be Gambling Gods and Goddess for a night as they took part in the various make shift gambling stations before the start of the event.

Emcee Jim Koh also wasted no time when the event started proper and brought the guests on a roller coaster tour as he sets them on a series of trials based on luck and probability.

With games carefully designed for each strata of the guests, everyone was kept entertained throughout the dinner!

Editor: Long Huai

Longzhu Oilfield Services Glitz & Glamour D&D

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel

Longzhu Group is a vertically integrated oilfield services company that provides logistical solutions for the oil and gas industries. The group is led by the chairman of the Board, Mdm Long and has achieved great milestones.

Emcee Jim Koh was invited to host the annual dinner for the Long Zhu  held at the Shangri-La Hotel. Due to the wide demographics of the invited guest, the program for the night was carefully and delivered in both English and Mandarin.

The guests were fully engaged with a progressive medley of fun games led by Jimmy. These includes the hilarious mass games and hugely popular beauty contest.

Editor: Long Huai

Long Wei Dinner and Dance

Venue: Safra Jurong – Joy Garden

Thank you to Long Wei Construction & Engineering Works for inviting Emcee Jim Koh to host the 500 pax annual dinner! It was a challenge hosting for a mixed blue and white collar crowd.

However, the guests were really proactive, which adds to the atmosphere of the event. (Of course, the freeflow beer helps too!)

Editor: Long Huai

HuaTiong Global Shanghai Night Dinner and Dance

Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

There was a dilemma when planning for this annual dinner. The company’s DND was very close to Chinese New Year and the organizing committee did not wanted to have a CNY themed party whilst wanting to keep the festive joy of the Chinese celebrations.

As such, Shanghai Night was born. The guests were treated first to an oriental, opening dance by the organizing committee. Following which, Emcee Jim Koh continued to play oriental flavored games with the guests.

There were also themed performances which transported the guests back to Shanghai in the 50s.

Editor: Long Huai

Entegris Hawaiian Dinner and Dance

Venue: Sentosa Wavehouse

Sentosa wavehouse is a very interesting venue choice because it’s by the beach.

To fully utilize the location, the committee has specially organized a Hawaiian Night for the company dinner celebrations and emcee Jim Koh was invited to host the event.

With the help of the organizing committee, Emcee Jim managed to execute with ease some of the most challenging games till date. This includes tug-a-war, limbo rock, treasure hunt and the water bomb game.

At the end of the night, the guests were treated with an authentic taste of Hawaii.

Editor: Long Huai

Intertrust Singapore Masquarade Dinner 2014

Venue: Equinox Restaurant

It was a mysterious and enchanting night as guest were attended the annual dinner in fine gown and tuxedos, accompanied with fancy masks. The night began with the opening address from the company’s chairperson.

Being an enthusiastic crowd, it didn’t took much effort from Emcee Jim Koh before the crowd started dancing to the live band. Of course, the masquerade themed games were hilarious and engaging and definitely add to the fun for the night.

Editor: Huiting

OCBC Mighty Savers Carnival 2014

Jim Koh engaging the kids on stage

Venue: Outside Kallang Wave Mall

Kids always have great imaginations and aspirations for the future. This is why at OCBC Mighty Savers Carnival, the organizers wants to partner together with parents to help maximize their kid’s potential.

Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr. Chan Chun Sing also graced the event.

There were many fantastic activities to keep the children engaged at the carnival! And besides stage games (which Emcee Jim Koh freely gave away presents to the children), there were movie screening and engaging performances for the young and the young at heart!

Editor: Reven